The Context
Concordia University is part of "le Quartier des grands jardins" and is looking to reconsider its site and green spaces. This urban project proposes a redesign of its campus by visibly marking its environment in the form of a pathway, going from Saint-Catherine Street to Sherbrooke Street, connecting Guy, Maisonneuve and Mackay Streets.

A get-together shared space
Whilst studying the state and activities around the campus, the lack of “hang out” space for residents of the Quartier was evident. The goal of this project is to design the space in such a way to allow students, residents, professionals and tourists to gather and create events in the Quartier rather than merely utilizing it as a passage way. By creating a visual demarkation in the streets, the campus finally has a tangible presence in the Quartier des grands jardins. Tables and benches integrated in the design further suggests the idea of gathering around the picnic table. 
While the colours chosen are meant to bring vibrancy in the space. Blue and horizontal lines to calm the busy Guy Street, green to further enhance the greenery and already renovated space on Maisonneuve Street and orange to highlight Concordia life but also the cultural side of the city (having the museum so close on Sherbrooke Street) on Mackay Street.

Maquette  130 x 56 cm

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