BURT — an organisation on public arrangements on feminism and gender equality in Copenhagen

Nick Ladd — Montreal based VR artist and animator

Café le Den — a local café, including storefront logo, menus and business card

Yiara — a student-run publication on feminism in the context of art through visual and written material

ChitChat Montreal  – A group started by friends during COVID19 to help seniors in isolation

Club Mile End — Branding process, a logo for a bar in Mile End, Montreal

Mangrove — an independent business strategist

Ming's Studio — a local pottery and craft artist

Graphite Publications — a Montreal-based publication and global community of thinkers and artists

ImmoExperts — a Montreal real estate agency

Hey Bianca, show me

UI      ─      a web branding     ─      an installation     ─      logos
a public space     ─      an urban space

Motion Graphics      a projection ,   The Beatles     ─      a packaging
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