Logo for a Facebook page about public arrangements on feminism and gender equality in Copenhagen

Logo and Facebook covers for a Montreal-based publication and global community of thinkers and artists
who creates articles, special issues, and community gatherings

Logo and branding for a local café, including storefront logo, menus and business card

Logo and magazine design of issue 2 for a student-run annual publication that discusses feminism
in the context of art through visual and written material

Logo for a local baker

Branding process, a logo for a bar in Mile End, Montreal

Logo for a local pottery and craft artist

Logo and branding for a Montreal real estate agency

Personal creation, expressive type for the word ballet

Personal creation, expressive type for the word swing

Hey Bianca, show me

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An Installation      |      UI      |      Web Branding
Motion Graphics      A Short   ,   The Beatles      |      Print
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